Agnone is the door of Montecorice town. It is a hamlet recently increased and with a huge touristic development. Thanks to its perfect position in the “Parco nazionale del Cilento e Vallo di Diano” is easy to reach because there are a lot of connection by sea and by land.

Despite the mutations due to modernity, the small town draw people for its position and for the beauty of the placese near it such as the pine of Aleppo of Ripe Rosse agaimst the blue of the sea which has the blue flag since 7 years.

From the structure, using your own car or a bus, is easy to reach the ancient Roman town of Pestum and Velia. The other towns of the Costa Cilentana such as Agropoli, santa maria di castellabate, Punta licosa, camerota, palinuro, baia infreschi are not so far from here.

Instead in the hinterland there are small villages that have already the ancient and glorious marks of the past. all of them are rich in traditions and tastes.
We advice you to visit the museum of “Civilta contadina” in Ortodonico if you are a lover of the culture. It is set in a city centre abandoned ancient olive press; the building of Vargas in Vatolla, area of the town of Perdifumo. It hosted Gianbattista Vico and today a museum called Vichiano; the museumVivo del Mare in Pioppi, in the town of Pollica, held in the huge building Vinciprova built in the seventeen century. Its aim is to keep the sea as natural as it was near Cilento’s seasides; le Gole del Calore, in the town of Felitto, this is a wild territory with woods and Dales.

From Pioppi 13 km
From Acciaroli 6 km
From Santa Maria di castellabate 16 km
From Punta licosia 15 km
From Paestum 36 km
From Velia 29 km
From Agropoli 25 km
From Camerota 54 km
FromPalinuro 44 km

A curiosity
The inhabitants of Agnone, till the 50s, lived just with twi activities: fishing, using ancient and rustic means, and the production of “libani” ropes made with sparto.
This word comes from Greek illas that means ropeplus the prefix ba taken from baino (to move) . It isreferred to the movement made to produce this ropes.